The Wright Mommy and Me

Weekly 90 minute classes, led by licensed psychotherapists, nurture your adjustment to parenthood, explore many topics during baby’s first year and cultivate your “village!" We also laugh, sing, have fun, check in on your babies and give you time to chat and bond with each other.

Classes include but are not limited to:

* Topics spanning baby’s first year
* The Happy Sleeper approach
* Research based information
* Mindful Parenting
* Feeding, language, attachment, etc.
* Raising an Anti-Racist Child
* Adjustment to parenthood
* New friends and your village
* Songs, music, fun

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Current Classes

What Mommies and Daddies are Saying

Julia Kantor is such an incredibly warm and wise class leader. Her knowledge, patience, and care have been something I look forward to every week. She is big-hearted, emotionally intelligent and experienced.


Synthia Praglin, is personable, knowledgable, insightful, funny, and very passionate not only about child development but also about the parents' well-being.


You gain an instant community of women going through the same joys and not so joyous times of motherhood. I appreciated how kind and easy Caren was to talk to and ask questions to without judgement and when giving advice, had lots of options since as we all know, no baby is the same.


Not only was this class immeasurably helpful as we navigated the new world of parenting, it was truly a relief to know we had access to a knowledgeable resource every week. Dr. Jane Rosen is so experienced, patient and caring. As a new mom, I was very lucky to have her as a mentor during my baby's first year.


I had no idea how life changing being a part of this group would be- it has helped me feel more confident in my role as a new mother, it has helped create a greater understanding of my daughter, and has fostered many new friendships which I know will continue for years and years.


I would not have survived the first year with such happiness and appreciation and understanding without the class. Thanks for helping me and Jack thrive!


As a licensed therapist, Julia has a lot to offer us and I think we have a lot of love and warmth to offer each other, including when we're meeting virtually.