happy sleeper book
Julie Wright’s book on helping your baby sleep.

Julie co-authored the book, The Happy Sleeper; A science-backed guide to helping your baby get a good night’s sleep – newborn to school age, Penguin Random House, with Heather Turgeon, MFT.

There is no topic we get more questions about than baby’s sleep and with good reason.  It is essential for their development and health.

Baby’s sleep is commonly challenging and complex.  Drawing from our training and experience, we have had good success with helping parents reach their goals as gently as possible.  We don’t support the practice of leaving babies to “cry it out” on their own.  We gather your baby’s sleep history, define your goals and expectations, and collaborate on a clear plan to help your baby access his/her innate capacity for sleep.  It is helpful to have your partner/spouse at the session, if we can work that out.

Email contact@thehappysleeper.com with your baby’s age, your location and a brief description of your sleep issues, to schedule a consult.

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