Frequently Asked Questions – The Wright Mommy and Me

How does the class work?

Each class is “ongoing,” which means that it continues at the same day and time, throughout your baby’s first year. The reason for this is to create a bonded, safe and supportive feeling. The classes are offered in 8-week sessions and existing class members have the first option to reserve a spot in the following session.

What is the age span and number of moms in each class?

Each class contains babies born within a 1 – 3 month span and about 10-14 moms.

What do I need to bring to class?

Bring whatever you and your baby need to be comfortable. During class, moms are feeding, nursing, changing diapers; babies are sleeping, bouncing, burping. We sit on a carpeted floor around a big sheet and babies lie down, sleep, crawl or are held. We also have toys, boppies and big bouncy balls.

What is your wellness policy?

I ask, naturally, that nobody come to class if sick. However, in the case of a runny nose from teething or allergies, a residual cough or other symptoms, please contact your pediatrician to determine whether you or your baby are contagious, so you don’t miss class unnecessarily. All the sheets and toys are washed/disinfected each week.

Do you offer trial classes or makeup classes?

Due to the specific ages in each class and the creation of a cohesive group setting, trial and makeup classes are not possible.

What should I do if I have to miss a class?

It’s nice, although not required, to let your class leader know so that she may tell the class where you are. You also have the option of “attending by phone.” We become a bonded group and like to stay in touch.

What is a typical class like?

The class begins with open questions, so that we can use all the time as everyone gets settled. Songs and movement are next, followed by the main topic. For the last few minutes questions related or not to the topic are answered. Often a question turns into a future main topic.

What is your philosophy on sleep?

For a complete description, click on sleep consults.

What if my baby is napping and I’m late for class?

That’s no problem. You’re welcome to arrive at any time. It’s also good to know that after the songs and movement, amazingly, many of the babies fall asleep. Once the babies begin crawling, they use this time to interact.

Can I email questions about sleep, etc.?

You are encouraged to ask most questions during class, so that we all may learn together. However, if a question cannot be answered during class or in a very short email, it may be advisable to schedule a private consult. Some issues require time and attention to individual differences in order to be addressed responsibly and thoroughly.