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Being a new parent isn’t easy! At every stage of your baby’s development, you face new challenges and questions.

Led by a team of licensed psychotherapists and early childhood experts, this class is a highly interactive experience, with an emphasis on mindful, empathic parenting and optimizing your baby’s development through your relationship. Each class meets weekly for 90 minutes throughout your baby’s first year.

The approach to parenting is individual; access the wisdom of your instincts and heart, while calming your new parent worries about “getting it right.” Find new and supportive friendships with other moms (and dads in our weekend classes), discuss weekly topics and learn songs and play designed to nurture attachment and learning.

Topics presented follow baby’s development during the first year, and include guidance for regulating sleep routines and feeding. The class also provides a safe haven for exploring the profound identity changes that come with parenthood in your marriage/partnership, friendships, work and within yourself. We become a bonded group that listens to and supports each other, and always make time for your questions.

For all the details about classes for you and your baby, please email yours and baby’s name, birthdate, phone and preferred location (Westside LA or Sherman Oaks) to