Waving hi to you, our dear parents and babies!
We’re still meeting – on Zoom for now!
Keeping our babies, parents, extended families and community safe is our priority right now, following CDC and pediatrician recommendations. We moved all of our classes temporarily to Zoom, starting mid-March and the feedback has been incredibly positive. 

Parents are saying it’s different for sure, but definitely better than not meeting during this time. We’re finding that parents really need to talk about what this unprecedented phase in our lives feels like. They’re saying scary, cabin fever, unmoored, anxiety provoking, sleep stealing, etc.  

And of course, we are still discussing the developmentally geared, topic of the day, along with our usual songs and movement and open questions. We provide much needed social time at the end of each class for parents to hang out a bit, chat and get to know each other.  

We know how many of you will miss being together in person and we’ll miss that, too! The Wright Mommy and Me was created to provide parents with a “virtual village,” where they can come together to learn and build friendships, an antidote to isolation and loneliness. We need this more than ever right now. It is our mission to continue to provide these villages, along with our expertise in answering your questions and supporting you emotionally during this time. 

If you have a new baby, are temporarily stuck at home or have moved away and would like to join or rejoin, let us know. You are welcome! 

One silver lining is that parents can now join from anywhere!

How else can we support you? Reach out and let us know what you need most during this life altering period.
Staying Connected while Staying Home