What I’ve Learned About Twins!

Introducing our NEW Twins Mommy and Me Class with Rachel Gipson, LCSW, Twin Mom

I’ll never forget the moment my husband, while looking intently at the ultrasound screen, asked, “are there two?” There was a long pause before our OB calmly replied, “Yup.” This launched our family into a crash course on multiples that ranged from twin lingo (ours are mono/di) to logistical concerns (how do you ever leave the house with twins and a toddler??) I felt wildly unprepared.

What I learned, is that this was just the beginning of a very different kind of parenting journey. From the tremendous pregnancy appetite and intense heartburn to the frightening premature birth and NICU stay, bonding and attaching to two, bathing two, soothing two, and feeding two. I’VE LEARNED SO MUCH and I’d love to share it all with you!

I’m so excited to tell you that The Wright Mommy and Me will be offering a new Mommy and Me class specifically for TWINS! Based on the great curriculum of Julie Wright’s popular groups, this class will also offer specific emotional support and practical guidance for the rewarding but challenging task of caring for twins and multiples. This class will approach each topic and developmental stage from a mindful parenting perspective, which is essentially a slowed-down, less reactive, more intentional and reflective process. Some of the topics addressed will be:

  • getting and keeping your babies on a similar schedule
  • nursing and bottle feeding two hungry little mouths
  • the miracle along with the complications of bonding with two babies
  • temperament and nurturing individuality
  • partner issues
  • double the miracle/more than double the work: finding and accepting help and support

In addition to the camaraderie and understanding you will find among other twin moms, you will have special time singing and attuning to your babes at the beginning of each class. Additionally, because our class is 90 minutes, which is 30 minutes longer than some other classes for twins, we will always have time for new mommy questions!

Class for TWIN babies born: Sept – Nov 2016 
Class #3: Tuesdays 10:30am  12:00pm    NEW!  
Dates: 1st 8-week session Jan 10 – Feb 28  

Class leader: Rachel Gipson, MSW

Bini Birth is at 13743 Riverside Drive, Sherman Oaks.
Cost for session is $320. (Exception: $280 for session 1 only, which includes one FREE class.)

To sign up, email yours and baby’s names, birth date, phone and preferred class to contact@wrightmommy.com OR fill out the form here.

As a mom of 4 year old twin boys as well as a 5 year old boy, I know firsthand about the unique experience of parenting twins. I still sometimes look around my house and marvel at the beautiful chaos.

Some moments are purely awesome and full of joy, others…just the opposite. Let’s be honest, it’s HARD work! As parents of twins we count ourselves fortunate to have two little beings to nurture and love, but the parenting experience is complicated by many factors that singleton parents can’t understand. So, come find others who are going through the same thing. Build friendships, learn, and nurture your attachment to each of your little babies!

The Wright Mommy and Me classes nurture the adjustment to motherhood and explore many topics throughout baby’s first year, while also creating a place to find new and supportive friendships with other moms. Developed by Julie Wright, MFT, co-author of The Happy Sleeper (praised by Daniel Siegel, MD, author of Whole Brain Child as “Compassionate, courageous and creative!”)

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NEW Twins Mommy and Me Class in Sherman Oaks