We have a guest blogger today – Rachel McFarland – the founder of Duo Diary.

I love it when my mommies share their creative ideas and this one is especially near and dear to my heart. It’s too easy to neglect ourselves as we become overwhelmed with the care of our babies.

Rachel’s real life experience exposed the critical need for a simple way to track the essentials for baby AND for mom.

– Julie Wright

The old cliche says having a baby changes everything. And sure, it changes things like how often you shower (occasionally), how often you go out (never) or how easy it is to cook dinner (ha! don’t even ask.) But there are deeper ways becoming a mom changes you.

The most profound shift for many can often be the biggest source of our struggles with new parenthood – how to be responsible for another human being while still being responsible for yourself.


Duo Diary founder Rachel and her daughter

This is so common for new moms, including myself. In my case a million things were going on and caring for myself suddenly didn’t seem all that important. After a challenging birth, my daughter struggled with feedings, weight gain and terrible reflux, beginning a journey of nipple shields, formulas, supplemental nursing systems and any other device ever made in the history of mankind to “make feeding easier.”

Three pediatricians, six lactation consultants and three months later I saw a picture of a tongue tied baby in a book and recognized my own baby’s tongue. We ended up doing a laser procedure with a pediatric dentist to fix her ties (tongue and upper lip), and almost immediately I had a different baby. Her demeanor changed, she gained weight like a champ and the reflux screams subsided.

As my daughter’s weight and feedings improved, I began to breathe for the first time in months. But as I peeled off the layers of concern and panic I had been feeling, I quickly realized my own health was out of control. I had pain walking, carrying her and doing normal daily activities. I had been cleared for exercise at my six week checkup, but this only made things worse.

Eventually, I was diagnosed with a rare chronic pubic joint inflammation, something that would not have progressed if I had nipped my initial symptoms in the bud. But, like many new moms, I was consumed with my baby’s health and chalked up my symptoms as my “new normal.” It wasn’t until I couldn’t function well on a daily basis that I realized – in the depths of suddenly being responsible for someone else, I wasn’t being responsible for my own health.

When I realized I needed to focus on myself again, one of the first things I did was join The Wright Mommy & Me. I discovered the importance of finding support around me, and I found so much encouragement and a village of friendship in Julie’s groups that I was finally able to refocus on my health and regain my strength.

I even launched my own business Duo Diary, based on the idea of helping new moms take care of their own health while they monitor their baby’s health. I’m offering a special Mother’s Day discount for $4.00 off any Duo Diary order until Mother’s Day (with code: MOM) and after Mother’s Day, you can still get 10% by using code: WRIGHTMOMMY.

Duo Diary

The cliche is right – having a baby does change everything – but don’t discount the importance of finding a space like The Wright Mommy & Me to help you navigate all these new changes and don’t forget to take care of yourself in the process!

Introducing the Duo Diary from a Wright Momtrepreneur
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