Part 2 in our Q&A Series with Wright Mommy and Me Class Leaders

Lindsay Anderson, LCSW has been leading Wright Mommy and Me classes for several years. She also has a private psychotherapy practice in Agoura Hills, specializing in postpartum issues, somatic experiencing, mindfulness practices, play therapy and family therapy. She will be leading the new Mommy and Me class at Bini Birth in Sherman Oaks starting October 5th – and Infant Sleep and Tummy Fun workshops this week!

Lindsay Anderson
Lindsay and her two children.

1. How did you first get involved with The Wright Mommy and Me?

My personal experience as a mother in mommy and me impacted me so profoundly, that upon completion, I knew that, somehow, this was something I wanted to give back to other new moms. Despite our changing lives, growing and busy families, we remain deeply connected because of what was created when we were in the trenches of early motherhood. These women are my rocks, my inspiration and their unconditional support and wisdom has shaped me as a woman and mother. My involvement with the Wright Mommy and Me took place quite serendipitously. I was seated next to a fellow Wright Mommy and Me group leader at a luncheon and we became fast friends. Upon learning about my private psychotherapy practice and specialty in trauma and working with postpartum women, she put me in touch with Julie Wright.

2. What is your favorite part about working with new moms and babies?

Anybody who knows me knows that babies and puppies are my ultimate resources. The mere image of them puts a smile on my face. My favorite part of working with new moms and babies is observing the growing connections to ourselves, our babies and each other. Modern day society has shifted away from the traditional village in which we once raised our children. The diminishing extended family and sense of support that it brought to young families can create feelings of isolation in new moms. I feel that we are recreating that virtual village in our groups. These social relationships truly do buffer us from stress, making us, and in turn our babies more resilient.

3. How is each Mommy and Me group different? Or the same?  

The order of topics and overall curriculum remains consistent with each Mommy and Me group. However, each group has their own unique personality, based on the chemistry of the moms in the group. The groups that connect and socialize outside of group tend to be closer and continue to remain close long after they graduate.

4. Over the years, have you seen parenting change?   

While in some ways technology and social media helps keep us connected, I find it’s also inhibiting our more intimate connections. This is a modern day predicament that parents are concerned about and trying to make informed and mindful choices about.

Lindsay Anderson
Lindsay with her puppy Jetta.

5. Apart from being a Wright Mommy and Me class leader, how do you spend your time?

Apart from leading Wright Mommy and Me groups and working in my private practice, I am a mommy to my 8 year old daughter and 6 year old son, plus a “Grandma” to our 5 month old Labrador retriever, Jetta. For fun, I enjoy long runs or hikes, reading, an occasional dance party night, playing board games, and as strange as it may sound, playing dodge ball with my kids.

6. What do you see as the biggest benefit for new mommies joining a Mommy and Me group?

As much as moms love their babies, having a baby tends to bring about feelings related to loss of control.  Our bodies, hormones, and roles, dramatically change. Once the baby arrives, life becomes all about the baby. Well-intentioned family members, friends and even strangers ask about the baby, “How’s he sleeping?” or “Are you breastfeeding?” As moms, we share in their interest and enthusiasm, but little attention is placed on us and many moms report a sense of shame associated with admitting the challenging parts of motherhood. It’s so important for moms to come together with other women who are right where they are at and can relate to how they’re really feeling. These social ties significantly buffer us from stress and actually make us happier and healthier both physically and emotionally.

7. Do you have a favorite Wright Mommy and Me memory?

My favorite Wright Mommy and Me topic, “Myths of Motherhood,” brought about one of my fondest group memories. One of the moms in this particular group, courageously and tearfully shared a very personal experience that she was going through. The outpouring of acceptance and support that ensued was palpable, creating the safety for others to open up. It was one of those moments when we cried, then laughed, than pretty much sealed a bond that remains just as strong several years later. It was and continues to be an honor to be a part of their journey, as each groups teaches me so much.


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Meet Wright Mommy and Me Class Leader Lindsay

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